Welcome to the Motueka Anglican Parish

You can visit us on the following for sermons, messages and information.



Type in:  motuekaanglican

For any urgent matters please contact the church office and leave a message on the answer phone. There will be someone available to assist.                                                                (03) 528 8825

For more videos like this visit us on YouTube


For more information about this very exciting and inviting initiative contact the church office or follow us on social media

The Alpha Course is a safe place to ask those questions we all have.

It is discussion based and no question is too big or small, crazy or deep. Everyone can ask any question they like.

Watching a short video presentation each session to “set the scene” then leads into your small group discussion. Groups are no bigger than 10, so everyone is heard and listened to.

The next Course will be announced after the Virus issues have settled down and we are able to meet again

This is a combined churches event and all are invited to join either group.

ALPHA is non-denominational.