You can now also visit us on:

type: motuekaanglican

Office number:

5288825 or

txt or call – 0204 727474 (0204PARISH)

Or in an emergency call the wardens;

Laurie 027 526 6808

There are multiple ways to contact us and we do encourage you to do so with any questions or inquiries

Ph: 03 5288825

TXT or call 0204 727474 (0204PARISH)

Please leave a message and a phone number and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

For bookings or information regarding facility use or hire:

Rev. Russell Pickersgill-Brown

Ph: 03 5288825

TXT or call 0204 727474 (0204PARISH)


NB: When a message is left on the answer machine you WILL be contacted as messages are redirected and they are cleared as soon as practicable.

Or you can contact us through FACEBOOK – St. Thomas, Motueka

Or Simply fill out this form and it will be emailed to us.