Coming Events

You can visit us on

  Type in:  motuekaanglican


Messy Church


Due to the present Pandemic Messy Church will not be meeting in person until further notice

Please follow our FaceBook page for information on a monthly basis.


A whole family fun event with a combination of family, fun activities, faith and dinner.



Alpha Courses


Phone us for more information 03 528 8825 or follow our facebook page for updated information.

This gathering is in recess due to the current pandemic

Exploring the meaning of life is what Alpha is all about. Providing a safe space for discussion around the big questions of life.
This course has been the most successful journey for people with questions, doubts and wonder as to the reality of the Christian story and the faith it brings.

Winning With Words     read more

We have begun streaming our traditional service and it is now available on YouTube

Simply type in the search: Motanglican

We have also incorporated a “message only” version and this is available on that same channel.

We have reflections, ponder points and other resources available.

We trust you will be blessed and encouraged as you join us on line and we look forward to sharing these gatherings with you as we walk a step closer with God.