People of the parish

Our Vicar is the Rev. Russell Pickersgill-Brown & supported by his wife Anna


Russell and Anna were married in 1983 and have two sons: Ben and Josh. Russell has a Bachelor of Ministry and a Diploma in Ministry, both from Laidlaw College, Christchurch. He was in leadership positions since coming to faith in St. Luke’s Anglican Church in Mosgiel in 1986 and gained practical ministry experience as Associate Pastor at Papanui Baptist Church from 2007-2010. Russell was then called to the role of vicar of the Mount Herbert Parish, Banks Peninsula, beginning in February 2011. Russell & Anna have been involved, jointly, in many areas of ministry and enjoy sharing their faith and their lives together with others.

Russell and Ann followed God’s call to Motueka in 2016 and Russell was inducted as vicar here on January 30th 2016.


Rev. Russell Pickersgill-Brown

email: motuekavicar@xtra.co.nz

Assistant Clergy:

Rev. Neil Bowdler
Rev. Pamela Soult

Minister support
Rev. Matt Beech

Parish Administrator & Pastoral Assist

Sarah Robertson
Office number: 5288825
Email: motuekaparish@xtra.co.nz

Vicar’s Warden

Christopher Budgen 5288453

People’s Warden

Jan Bensemann 528 0116

Finance Team

Anna Pickersgill-Brown
Gordon Wyatt
Hamish Holland
Sarah Robertson

Ministry Team

Anna Pickersgill-Brown
Phillipa Adams
Jennifer Harris
Russell Pickersgill-Brown

Property Team

Christopher Budgen
Gary Adams

Marketing Team

Russell Pickersgill-Brown
Colin Bartlett

Health and Safety Team

Phillipa Adams
Laurie Gabites
Petrina Classen

Synod Representatives

Anna Pickersgill-Brown
Laurie Gabites
Colin Bartlett