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In generations past the “elders” sat at the village gate and guided and encouraged the upcoming generations and we feel that some of that is lost today.
This church seeks to honour and support those that have gained such rich life experience and the opportunity to share the wisdom often missing and sought after by the coming generations. We also continue to deliver comfort, connection and care where needed.

Contact the office for any help, home communion or a visit, or if you want to offer your life skills and wisdom and be involved with the young people and families here. Call Ps Daryl Collingwood 5288825

We recognize youth are not the future of the church…. They are the church, as much as the “Sunday-school” and the adults and we treat them that way.
We recognize they interact differently and again we seek to provide that.
We have started with Youth Alpha and see a community of youth growing from that. Year 6-8 are all included and looked after by enthusiastic caring adults.

We invite others who want to find out what this “Jesus-thing” is all about to call the Church join us at 4:45 Tuesdays for Pizza or Nachos or something for tea and to hang out. Home by 7pm

Held at 10:30 on a Sunday morning, the same time as the adults, “Come and See” was born out of a need to be relevant in today’s culture.
“Come and See” is led by qualified and experienced adults who believe kids need their own experience and way to connect with the  things of faith.
   “Come and See” is a specific time designed for a fun, safe and experiential way of  learning, growing, and connecting with each other and God.

Music is the international language of worship and we strive to bring quality and relevant songs each time we gather.
We are also always keen to improve and expand our musicianship and welcome inquiry from musicians and singers alike.
Our vicar, Russell, has a lifetime of experience in performance and as a semi-professional musician for nearly 20 years, would be keen to meet anyone wishing to play or sing.

This is an interactive, activity based gathering that is specifically designed to be entry level and family oriented.
Beginning with activity, then an expansion on the theme from a Bible understanding, finishing the evening with a meal and dessert.
The fourth Tuesday of each month 5-7pm.

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